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6 July 2011

Hello Everyone,

Sorry we are a little late with our update for July but we have been very busy here in Vouvant over the past week!

The Vide Grenier was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Charity Stall outside the cafe. The charity – “Expressions Partages” – made over 250 Euros and I know they would like to thank Anita, Alan and Shirley for all their organisation and everyone involved in helping on the stall on the day – and a special thanks to Liam who stayed on the stall ALL DAY and got a fabulous sun tan to show for it! The cafe was buzzing and we met up with many people who had been to last year’s event – our first! – and also some visitors new to Vouvant who had come along for the first time. It really was a lovely day and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Some news from the village now; we have a new shop open in the square opposite the Auberge: it is selling all manner of tourist items and local produce, postcards and items of interest to those visiting the area. The patrons are the ex-owners of the Auberge and his wife and we wish them every success in their new venture. The auberge is now being run as a brasserie/restaurant/bar by their daughter and her business partner – the new chef! We have been for an evening meal and it
was very good – the menu is very different from the meals on offer before!

Rene now has his new shop up and running and has some wonderful wooden house plaques, novelties and toys, as well as beautifully made outfits for children – knights with huge feather plumed helmets, wooden swords and shields and a lovely princess outfit with a wooden wand with ribbons and stars – very “Melusine”!

Of course there are lots of other shops and services in the village – the soap and perfume shop which is opposite Rene’s and next to the estate agents; Jeremy, our English speaking immoblier; the supermarket, run by Natasha, which has a very good stock at reasonable prices; the gift shop next to the supermarket which has some lovely china, bric-a-brac and collectibles; our very own hairdresser, Melanie, who is situated next door to the Post Office; the pharmacy, whose staff are very helpful; the leather goods shop opposite the Monastery and of course all the artists galleries dotted throughout the village – in the courtyard right behind the cafe and in the main street to mention just a couple. The village really has so much to offer and enjoy apart from our own cafe!

This month there are lots of things happening – the main event being Bastille Day on the 14th July. Again we are looking for volunteers to help with the festivities. We are looking for anyone who would like to help out on the day from about 8.30am to 11.00am – mainly to clean the mussels and get the tables etc ready. Anita has asked if anyone is interested in helping out could they please contact her at the following email address to let her know – or just turn up on the day at the car park in front of the cafe (with your own knife if you are cleaning mussels) – Don’t forget that on the 14th July there will be things going on all day from lunchtime, including food, entertainment and of course the fireworks in the evening at 11.00pm. We will be open until the fireworks start when we will then join in with the festivities with you. Look forward to seeing you on the 14th!

And finally, back to the cafe. As you know we are now open every day except Tuesday and are open until 10.00pm on Friday evenings. If you would like us to cater for a special event or if you would like to hold your social event in the cafe, just let us know and we will be pleased to discuss it with you. We are always open to new ideas! If you want to review our cafe – we are now on Trip Adviser and we have so far had a very nice review from one of our customers. You can add to this review by going to the Trip Advisor website and type in Vouvant, France to find us.

OK folks, we are off to eat out this evening – it’s our 15th wedding anniversary today so I am hoping for at least a small glass of champagne to celebrate! Hope to see you all soon in Vouvant,
Au revoir et a bientot!