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1 February 2011

Dear All,

Welcome to the February Update. I know we could all do with some brighter weather to cheer us up during the dark days of the winter and I hope that this update will help to cheer you! We have had a very good January with a number of events both in the cafe and locally in the village. We have had the last of our shutters fixed to our apartment windows and are able to close everything up to keep us warm and snug; and at last we now have a fully working gas stove in the cafe. Now in the event of a power cut not only will we be able to cook on our gas hob but we will also be able to keep warm with the gas heater in the cafe – hopefully we are now prepared for any event!

After an eventful Christmas period, with delays for visitors from the UK because of the bad weather, we finally were able to see our family when we went back to the UK for a few days. This also gave us the opportunity to stock up on some of the English goodies we use in our meals here in the cafe – sausages, bacon, strong English tea bags and Cheddar cheese being just some things that come to mind. Our winter menu is still going strong and we occasionally have specials on offer too.

Because of our trip we had to move Jan’s English book sale but in February she will be back here on the first Wednesday of the month – tomorrow in fact – that’s the 2nd February. Jan has a wide selection of books and she is always pleased to see you – she is here from around 2pm through to around 4.30pm.

Another event that will take place in the cafe this month is a “Partylite” presentation. On Friday 11th February from 2pm through to 5pm, Patricia Pierlot (usually at the Pic Vert!) will be hosting a “Partylite” afternoon. “Partylite” is a company that produces quality candles, oils, fragrances and decorations for the home. Everyone is welcome to come along and join us during the afternoon and have a look at what is on offer. I have some invitation cards which I will make available in the cafe which have all the details of the event.

We held our second Quiz Night on the 29th January – another well attended evening. We had two rounds of questions before our meal of Lasagne, salad and garlic bread, and then a further three rounds. The questions were a little harder than last time but we still had great fun! The winning team – the Cheapskates – achieved a very good score of 82 out of a possible 100 points. The team in second place – the Happy Snappers – scored 71 and the third placed team – Team Vivier – scored a close 69.5. Well done to everyone! We are also happy to say that we were able to raise 25 Euros from the evening for the local school. We hope to hold the next quiz evening in March – further details will be in the next update.

If you like to have a wander around the web have a visit to the new Vouvant website – it is still under construction and at the moment is completely in French, but it does have some very good information – the web address is and if you go to the page “Addresses utiles” and then look at the “Bars/restaurants” tab on the left you will see pages for
each of the restaurants and bars in the village. It also includes details on all the shops, holiday homes, hotels and B&Bs and will assist visitors to the village and surrounding area. The website was designed by Fabrice from the Pont Gourmand – he is a real wiz at website design – and it is a great advertisement for the whole village. I’ll let you know when it finally gets updated and has the English language version added to it.

In the meantime don’t forget the English language website where we have our main webpages – – this features all our news each month and details of the cafe opening times and available menus. Barry Meadows is the man responsible for this site and he has done a fabulous job putting together lots of useful information for us English speakers in the region – have a look when you get a chance.

Over the past couple of days we have been putting together and updating our “Info book” that we hold in the cafe – this includes details of local tradesmen and service providers; items for sale; properties for sale and lots of other useful information including a local ordinance survey map showing walks, trails and most roads. We are happy to let you look through the binder if you need information on local services and will gladly let you have copies of information if you require it.
One last item – we will be closing for our annual holiday from Monday 14th February until we re-open on Saturday 5th March.

Apologies to our regulars but we are sure you will not mind. We will of course ensure that this is posted in the cafe as a reminder.

OK folks, that’s all for now – look forward to seeing you soon and hearing news from you too.