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29 September 2010

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and that this cooler weather is not causing too many aches and snuffles. We have tried out our heating – just to make sure that all is well before it gets too cold – and everything is working well. We will have a warm welcome for you all during the cooler months of autumn and the rest of the year.

Talking of autumn we have now put together our new menu – it will come into being on Wednesday 6th October. Some of the new “winter warmers” we will have on offer will be Soup with crusty bread and butter, Cottage Pie, Lasagna, Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Fish Pie and Chilli, as well as omelets, jacket potatoes with various fillings, sandwiches and toasties. We will also offer a selection of “Specials” (depending on the availability of ingredients) such as Beef Bourginon, Chicken Chasseur, Lamb Hotpot, Sausage Casserole and Steak and Kidney Pudding. We’ll keep you posted on which specials will be available and when.

Now, some dates for your diaries. We will be holding some Entertainment/Meal Event evenings in the run up to Christmas.

Saturday 30th October: The first of these evenings, this will be a “Chilli Blues Evening” with as much as you can eat Chilli (vegetarian option too) accompanied by Troubladour, a three piece acoustic Blues (and more) group. The evening will be ticket only with a limit of
50 on a first come first served basis. The tickets are 10 Euros a ticket which includes your meal and a 1 Euro per ticket donation to this year’s Poppy Appeal. Tickets are available from Paul behind the bar or email us to confirm you need a ticket if you can’t get in to see us

Friday 3rd December: We are planning a Quiz evening with a meal of Beef Bourginon and then Apple Crumble. There will be prizes for the winners and the losers ( the obligatory “Wooden Spoon”?) and hopefully fun for all of us. We will be selling tickets for this evening nearer the time (10 Euros a ticket) and canvassing you for your teams (of four please so that you can all eat at the same table).

We’ll have some more event dates for you soon.

We will be taking a few more days off between now and Christmas and you may like to make a note of these dates when the cafe will be closed. We will post this information in the cafe as a reminder for you too:

CLOSED: Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th October. RE- OPEN: Monday 18th October.
CLOSED: Thursday 11th November to Saturday 20th November. RE-OPEN: Sunday 21st November

I hope that you have had a chance to try out the new cakes we have had on offer – Passion Cake and Farmhouse Fruit Cake – we’ve had some very encouraging comments so they will stay on the menu for the time being. I will also be trying out other cake recipes soon – why not pop in and see what we have to offer.

OK folks that’s all for now; don’t forget we are back to closing at 6.00pm in the evenings now – except for Fridays when we stay open to 10.00pm. We’ll be back with some more news of upcoming events in a week or so. In the meantime – we look forward to seeing you in
the cafe soon.

10 September 2010

Hi Everyone – we’re back with our updates and news,

Sorry we’ve been missing for a few weeks but we have been rather busy – we never imagined so many great things go on in Vouvant over the summer weeks; this has been a really exciting time for us and I hope you have also enjoyed your summer holidays. The village has been buzzing with visitors and we have been lucky enough to meet many of them as they have come into the cafe. There are still lots of things happening in the village and, as we move into the autumn, we are pleased to be able to continue to entertain you and your visitors and guests whenever you come to see us.

This week we will be discussing our seasonal menu – making some changes from salads to warm meals and adding some new cakes and desserts to the menu. I’d like to thank everyone who has offered me fruit and vegetables – I have tried to use everything so that we can include these items on our menu – both now and in the coming months. I am always wiling to take any seasonal item or anything you have more than you can cope with and to use them in this way – even though we don’t have a garden or allotment of our own I am a great believer in using locally produced and grown food. So, our Autumn Menu will be coming out at the beginning of October and with it some weekly specials; I will be trying new cake recipes, but will still have your favourites available too. At the moment we have two new cakes – Passion Cake and Sticky Marmalade Fruit Cake
- come and try some with a cup of good old English tea!

We have some new artwork on display this month – from the “Through the Lens Group” a local group of amateur and professional photographers. Some of the topics are local and some come from further afield and the exhibition will be with us for about a month or so. Why not pop in and have a look when you have a few minutes to spare – you could try the new Passion Cake and have a coffee too!

By the way, one of our other exhibitors, Josh Overton, visited us last week and gave us an update on his work. He has been featured in a specialist graphics magazine (Advanced Photoshop Magazine) giving a tutorial on the production of one of his pieces of work, the Global Warming print which is featured in his display in the cafe. He also has other work in the pipeline
and we will keep you informed. He is a very talented young man!

Some more very good news – Vicky will be with us for the whole month of September. We could not do without her and so have extended her contract for a further month and will be visiting our accountant to see if we can keep her with us on a permanent basis. Vicky has proved to be a very real asset to our business and we will do all we can to keep her working with us. Vick’s husband Alan has had a nasty operation on his shoulder so is also relying on Vicky’s support and help at the
moment as he will be without the use of his arm for the next few weeks – hope your arm and shoulder heal soon Alan – keep smiling!

For those of you who haven’t already been bored to tears by us on the subject of our “new baby” – we’ve bought a 2CV Acadiene van. It is a little old lady really more than a baby in car years – nearly 30 years old! She has just had her second coat of paint and we are currently sourcing spare parts – funnily enough from the UK as they are cheaper than here in France – explain that one to me please? Hopefully, once George who is working on it for us has put her all back together, she will be back with us and we can have the sign writing on the side panel completed. Once that is done you will be able to see us trundling back and forth to Super U and round and about in Vouvant..!

We have more of our family coming out to visit over the next two weeks – John, Paul’s brother, and his partner Kim, who some of you will have met at the opening party, are coming to stay for a week and (at last!) our kids, Emma and Simon, and Andrea, Simon’s wife, are coming to stay for a few days. A little advance warning – we will be closed on MONDAY 20th SEPTEMBER as well as our usual Tuesday that week so that we can spend some time with them all.

OK folks that’s all for now; don’t forget we are back to closing at 6.00pm in the evenings now – except for Fridays when we stay open to 10.00pm. I’ll be back with some more news of upcoming events and details of the seasonal menu in a week or so. In the meantime – we look forward to seeing you in the cafe soon