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23 June 2010

Hello Everyone – a day late but we have a good excuse! We went to the UK yesterday – a flying visit to get a tooth repair completed!

Anyhow, here are our specials and news for the week:

Plat du Jour – another new quiche for this week – fresh salmon and broccoli. Not only does it look
pretty it tastes pretty good too! Served with salad and bread for 7E50 we hope it will be a winner with you all.

The speciality cakes are even better this week – we’ve got fresh supplies of Lemon curd and a new
chocolate cake recipe – definitely not for the children this one! We still have your other favourites too;

Victoria Sponge and Coffee and Walnut.

Web Pages:
We have had another update on the web pages on the website. Barry came
along last Friday and took some fabulous pictures of our food (and a pretty good picture of us too!)
which he has added to the website. I will be sending some more information to Barry soon.

Friday Cheese Platter Evening:
Hope to see you any Friday evening for the cheese platter and wine evening. We had a couple of
new French cheeses last week – a local and a Normandy cheese and I shall be looking for other
interesting finds this week. Look forward to seeing you!

Vide Grenier:
Could I please ask for some help on this subject? Being the newcomers to town it would be great if
some of you more “experienced Vide Grenierians” (is that what we should call you?) could give me a guiding hand in this new experience! We will have a stall outside the cafe and Shirley has kindly
volunteered to help out for a couple of hours in the morning – however I do not know what time we
should start or really what is expected of us? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!
Well that’s all for now; we look forward to seeing you all in the cafe at some time soon.

16 June 2010

Hello Everyone,

As promised here are the weekly updates and details on the “House Specials” for the week to come:

Plat du Jour – we have a new addition to our tart recipes for the coming week: Rochefort and Leek – a real stunner! Served with salad and bread for 7 Euros it’s a must for lunch.

Fancy a cake with your morning coffee? We have banana and pecan muffins this week, as well as all our favourites; Victoria Sponge, Chocolate cake, Coffee and Walnut and Lemon Drizzle.
Web Pages:
We have finally managed to get some information to Barry so that he can update the cafe information on the website. We will have some more information and pictures added soon so let everyone know.
Friday Cheese Platter Evening:
We had a lovely evening last Friday at the second of our cheese platter evenings. We shared our very expensive “tourist” cheese – Swiss Gruyere to be exact – (yes we got “had” at a local market and bought a kilo of cheese for an extortionate amount of euros!) with others who came along and enjoyed the evening. I wonder what little gem we will find this week!
La Cour update:
Sunday afternoon in the courtyard proved to be a real winner with the Palet players – our new lead was well used and it was a close drawn game between the Pic Vert team and Alan and his family/friends team. We are still chasing the new chairs and tables – hopefully they will be here some time soon – maybe even before next weekend – we’ll keep you posted!
That’s all for now; we look forward to seeing you all in the cafe at some time soon,